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I sεт my clock εarly..


I confess.. I messed up, droppin "I'm sorri" like you're still arOund

nd I know, you dressed up..  " hey kid,you'll neva live this down "

cuz you're just the boy all the girlz wanna dance with..

nd I'm just the girl whO's had too many chances !

I don't blame you for being yOu... but you can't blame me for hatin it

sO say,what r'u waitin for? kiss him.. kiss him

I set my clock early .. cuz I know I'm always l8 !

write me off,give up on me ..  cuz darling what did you expect ?

I'm just off a lost cause.. a long shot,dOn't even take this bet

yOu can make all the moves,you can aim all the spotlights..

get all the sighs- and moans just right.. 

25.2.07 16:24

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